This week, we’re shining our brand spotlight on White Rabbit Skincare, a natural beauty brand based in the UK. If you’ve been looking to update your skincare shelf with some natural, vegan goodies, then read on!

The Story of White Rabbit Skincare

It’s more important than ever to support smaller beauty brands. Not only do they usually have an interesting story behind them, but there’s usually love and care put into every product. White Rabbit is no exception to this! The idea for the brand came about while the founder was studying at university. After being diagnosed with psoriasis, Melanie was prescribed various steroid creams to treat it, but she found it difficult to find the origins of the ingredients in those products.

This encouraged her to start making her own creams - that way she knew exactly what was in them, and where the product had come from. The first few batches just started out as products for her own personal use, made in her tiny one-bedroom flat! After sharing her natural formulas with family and friends, the business soon began to grow. 

White Rabbit now offers a whole host of natural products, all developed to be kind and gentle to your skin. What’s also amazing is that every product is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, as well as being free from artificial fragrances and additives which sensitive skin types can react to. They’re the perfect treat for your skin if you experience sensitivity, psoriasis, or eczema.

Find Your Perfect Match With White Rabbit Skincare!

At Bubu Skincare, we’ve selected the best of White Rabbit products available. Take a look at their profiles below to find your ideal match!

Rosehip & Camellia Day Cream

I’m the perfect match for: Sensitive skin

What I do best: I’m an ultra-hydrating day cream that’s perfect for nourishing and soothing sensitive skin.


Rose & Frankincense Day Cream

I’m the perfect match for: Mature skin

What I do best: I’m a light, yet easily-absorbed day cream that helps to boost skin-cell regeneration for a youthful, healthy glow.


Rose & Orange Night Cream

I’m the perfect match for: Sensitive skin

What I do best: I help to repair your skin, while also restoring its natural elasticity while you sleep.


Coconut & Rosehip Calming Cream

I’m the perfect match for: Dry and sensitive skin

What I do best: I’m a soothing day cream that helps to keep your skin clean, calm, and protected.


Aloe & Rose Healthy Hydration Face Mask 

I’m the perfect match for: Dry and sensitive skin

What I do best: I’m a clay mask that works to improve skin elasticity, while also leaving it feeling super soft and silky.


Eucalyptus & Lavender Cleansing Balm

I’m the perfect match for: Oily and combination skin

What I do best: I’m a gentle cleanser that clears away makeup. I’ll also help to clear out impurities from your pores.


Which Natural Ingredients Are Used?

White Rabbit only uses gentle, plant-based skin saviours to hydrate and nourish. Here are a few of their fave ingredients!


Not only does it have a gorgeous scent, but rosehip helps to calm your skin - reducing redness along the way.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera helps to soothe and hydrate your skin, making it the perfect ally for dry and irritated skin types.


This zesty ingredient is packed full of Vitamin C, which helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


The oil from camellia flowers is a rich emollient, which means it helps to lock in moisture.


Not just for koalas! Eucalyptus oil boosts hydration, helping to soothe dry skin.

Have you tried any of the products from White Rabbit yet? Share your review with us and pick up some babe points along the way!