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Covid19 is sadly sweeping the globe; the core advice to minimise contracting or spreading the virus, is a combination of increased pro active hygiene, social distancing and self isolation.

Regular hand washing is essential. Remember to sing your chosen soundtrack with soap and water,  combined with using hand sanitizer when washing isn't an option (if you can get your hands on any). We also need to remember the importance of keeping our faces clean, and covering up with a protective face mask when going outside.  All of these actions both protect ourselves and others.

Excessive washing, wearing a protective mask, and touching our face more often, can lead to havoc with our skin.  A build up of day to day grime combined with moisture on the skin's surface underneath the mask area, can lead to a build up of bacteria.

This build up can cause blockages of the follicle, trapping sebum, sweat and dead skin cells. The bacteria this creates, leads to inflammation, with the end result being a breakout.  Let's be honest, despite the Covid situation, we still want to prevent acne if we can.

Thankfully, we have convenient and easy to use solutions, with our facemasks being suitable for all skin types.  The best part is, you dont need to worry about what songs to sing, or hunt around empty supermarket shelves to find us. You can shop directly on and we deliver directly to you in the comfort of your own home. 

We would suggest investing in our #stripitoff and #feelingirty facemasks.  They are the perfect combo to first detoxify skin with #stripitoff, followed by adding a protective hydrating layer with #feelingdirty.


#stripitoff is a unique fibrous mask base, combined with a gentle but effective Charcoal, Clay and AHA combo to gobble up dead skin cells.  This mask leaves you with a fresh and glowing complexion.

#feelingdirty is the best way to protect clean skin and shield it from the onslaught of everyday pollution.  Apply in the morning, after cleansing and apply this mask just before your make up.  This preventative mask also doubles as the perfect make up primer, creating a shield between your skin and the environment.

To support taking care of your skin, bubu has a 40% discount across all of our products using code PROTECT40 at checkout. 


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