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Introducing the Gorgeous Georgia Rose, a skincare obsessed MUA and Actress, Georgia is our go to girl for creating the perfect base. Georgia has worked her magic on recent make up campaigns with beautiful brands such as Spectrum Cosmetics and Charlotte Tilbury, and is now one of our regular contributors.


During lockdown it seems that everyone’s skin is having a bit of a freak out and so to lend a helping hand, I’ll be sharing my ultimate beauty tips and tricks.

From skin prep for a client or shoot, a natural no-makeup-makeup for an audition or the ultimate full glam, I’m covering it!

Ever since discovering Bubu at the beginning of lockdown, I have fallen in love with their sparkling glitterati masks.  As my now fav skincare product,  I am seeing my skin improve after every mask use, and as a make up priming product they create the perfect base. 

Here are a few need to know’s :


One thing I’m known for as a Makeup Artist is creating super juicy, glossy, glowing skin. I’m obsessed with the idea of anything radiant (which is why I also find the glitterati masks so fun because of the actual sparkle infused in the gel!) That’s where the #soakmewet comes into play. Glowing makeup starts with hydrated skin and my favourite ingredient for that is Hyaluronic Acid. This is going to be your skins best friend. It’s plumping and hydrating and this formula leaves a slight tacky feel to the skin & creates a PERFECT primer for your makeup. Your makeup will adhere to the skin base better giving you an all-day, all-night wear. Perfect for summer nights out which we can look forward to once lockdown is over!


This is my fav bubu mask, #t-spot has a unique blemish busting formula with Niacinamide, Pro Vitamin B5 & plant extracts such as Allantoin. This mask is my favourite to use in the evening when I can leave the serum to soak into my skin overnight to really work its magic! Niacinamide can be best known for treating inflammation on the skin such as acne or eczema. Combining this ingredient with the moisturizing Pro Vitamin B5 is the ultimate skin soothing mask. I leave this mask on for 15 minutes and see and feel instant results. My skin is less blotchy and irritated yet still left hydrated. Not to mention when I wake up in the morning 90% of my redness and open breakouts are reduced. That’s from the Allantoin and plant extracts with its skin healing properties. Definitely one for those stressy work weeks and prevention of the skin freak out before your time of the month.


A perfect start to a natural or full glam makeup look if you have any dry or rough areas, as this mask is a gentle exfoliating mask with brightening and detoxifying properties. Bentonite and Kaolin Clay are a great combo of natural clays. These natural clays soothes and absorb toxins in the skin and then the Charcoal acts as a skin magnet to literally draw out impurities and clogged pores. Now I love using this before makeup because of the exfoliating properties from the AHAs. AHAs are skin safe acids naturally occurring in citrus fruits which help to nibble away at any dead skin cells revealing a bright, smooth and even canvas for the perfect skin base! Who doesn’t want smooth, bright glowing skin?! Just make sure to use your SPF moisturiser daily and after using this product, to protect your skin from any harmful UV rays as the exfoliating properties help reveal new skin which can be sensitive to the sun!

I will be covering some tutorials on Bubu’s IGTV soon @believeinbubu,  you can also check out my Instagram @georgiarosemua for even more content, if you want to try out any of Bubu’s mask products, you can use my code Georgia15 for 15% off at checkout on



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