We manage all of our enquiries via email, if however you would prefer to talk to one of our team, please email us your contact details to info@bubuskincare.com and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours. You can also reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook & Insta @believeinbubu.

PrettyLittleThing online www.prettylittlething.com, you can also view our Stockists page as this will be updated regularly.

Please refer to our Shipping page for guidance on delivery timescales, if your package hasn’t arrived within the advised timescales for your location, please email us with your order number to retail@bubuskincare.com and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Our products are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, however if you have any individual ingredient sensitivity, please check the ingredients list alongside each product before purchase. If you have any questions relating to any of our products or ingredients, please email us at info@bubuskincare.com.

We recommend once a week only for #stripitoff, due to it being an exfoliant, there is no need to use this product more than once a week. As all of our other masks double as a make up primer, you can use these as often as you like, although once a week also for glowing skin is recommended.

It is part of the sensory experience for #stripitoff and #youpucker to experience some mild tingling during use, if however you feel or see any other adverse reaction, remove the product immediately, wash off with a warm flannel and discontinue use.

Yes, we have not used any ingredient which is medically advised not to use when pregnant. However, pregnancy can cause unusual sensitivities and if you experience any adverse reaction to any of our products, please wash off with a warm flannel and discontinue use.

No, our products are one use only products and should not be used more than once.

Clean beauty is a huge trend in skincare and beauty, but it can be slightly misleading to consumers as there is no legal definition of what it means.  We fully support using clinically safe, tested and INCI registered ingredients.  We do not formulate with parabens, SLS, or microbeads, and a multitude of other ingredients, which some claim as toxic. We have to stress the science and safety behind all INCI registered and approved ingredients.  We choose not to formulate with some ingredients for different reasons, such as they don’t support a particular skin challenge or for environmental awareness and sustainability reasons. We use the definition ‘non-toxic’ instead of clean beauty.

Yes. Yes. We work with our partners to reduce our environmental footprint where possible; our mask base is water soluble over time, incorporating only environmentally-friendly sparkle and our packaging is mixed material recyclable. Our postal packaging is also recyclable and where possible, we will seek sustainable ingredients & packaging which can be recycled. The cosmetics industry as a whole is working hard to provide sustainable ingredients and recyclable/biodegradeable packaging options and where these options are available, these will always be our first choice.

No, bubu skincare is a cruelty free brand.  We are passionate about the safety and wellbeing of all animals, we do not support any form of animal testing.  Look out for our #bububunny on all of our product pages.

We will advertise for any marketing campaigns via our newsletter and social channels, Twitter, Insta & Facebook, all @believeinbubu.

As a brand who wants to do it our way, all of our products are bespoke, which means they take a long time to create. We like experimenting with new ingredients and textures and respond to the skin concerns of our customers and sometimes this can take a number of attempts to perfect our product before release. We hope to launch a further range of products in 2020. Follow our socials and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

We will advertise any job vacancies on our social channels. We do not work with recruitment agencies. If you are a blogger or press representative, please see our contact us section to get in touch.

If you have a question which isn't listed above, please reach out to us via email info@bubuskincare.com, we will always respond within 24 hours, Monday-Saturday.

Our products cannot be returned for any reason once opened. 

If you purchase a product and wish to return, provided the product is unused and unopened, you can return to us by recorded post at the following address within 14 days of your order confirmation.  Please note, you will be responsible to pay the postage to return your item. For more information about returns please visit returns and policy page

bubu skincare

Highfield House

Hill Street


IV17 0QL

If in the unlikely event you receive a damaged product, please contact us immediately via retail@bubuskincare.com

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