Bubu Skincare

Ultimate Sheet Mask Pack



Our advanced range of innovative sheet masks are guaranteed to make your skin all kinds of glowy.

Our ULTIMATE sheet mask pack has five bespoke masks to choose from, giving you hydration and moisture with #soakmewet; gentle exfoliation with #stripitoff; anti-pollution with #feelingdirty; anti acne with #t-spot and lip plumping with #youpucker !

Includes a mask for every skin need 

Save £££

Each mask includes a combo of key actives for each mask purpose #soakmewet packs hyaluronic acid and liquorice root best suited for a hydration fix, with #t-spot full of niacinamide and a variety of vitamins to reduce inflammation and breakouts !

A mask for every skin type included (even one for your lips)

This is a multipack, please refer to each individual product listing for each detailed product information